A Pop of Culture by Lucy Blue

A Pop of Culture by Lucy Blue

Our love of pop culture is much deeper than quirky movie references and catchy songs. These tattoos by Lucy Blue prove it.

To say that we are obsessed with pop culture would be like saying we like to breathe. Our love of pop culture references extends beyond a casual flip through a tabloid or an episode or two of RuPaul’s Drag Race, it is in everything we do, and no one understands this more than tattoo artist Lucy Blue. Working out of The Cobra Club in Leeds, England, Blue tattoos in the traditional style with a bit of a feminine twist. Often incorporating pastel colors, hearts, and frequent references to leading ladies, her pop culture tattoos transport us to our favorite moments in television and movies, and make us believe that just about any blow to self confidence can be remedied with a Bend and Snap™.

Blue’s body of work is largely comprised of references to famed drag queens like Alyssa Edwards of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the ultimate early 2000s protagonist — Elle Woods, and a few dedications to both waffles and lady love a la Leslie Knope. Dotted with pleasantries like fluffy pink pens and purple perfume bottles with vintage atomizers, Blue’s work isn’t just beautiful radiates positivity. All of the characters shown throughout her work have in some sense or another brought an enlightening sense of “girl power” as it were to their audience. It was Elle Woods who taught us that women should strive to be more than what is expected of them by their family members, peers, and most of all — unsupportive significant others. Beyonce was the one that instilled in us that despite staring utter betrayal in the face, that one could grow, learn from those experiences and come out the other side a better person.

Our love of Blue’s pop culture tattoos extends far beyond the surface level bubblegum nature of iconic characters whose outfits happened to be particularly on point. It is rooted in the love of those characters who have long encouraged us to stare defeat in the face, and never back down.

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