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A Secret Garden Full of Freesia Tattoos

A Secret Garden Full of Freesia Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

It might as well be spring, because freesias are popping up everywhere in the tattoo landscape.

Freesias are most frequently seen as symbols of growing friendship and emblems of loving relationships, so it's not surprising that they're commonly used in wedding bouquets and frequently appear as romantic tattoos. Take a moment (stopping to smell the flowers, as it were) to appreciate the beautiful body art that these perennials make. 

Freesias have been cultivated in a number of different styles and look lovely in them all. Traditional tattoos of them bring out the boldness of their natural form, while realism and watercolor compliment the vivid colors that sprout from their bough-like stems every spring. 

There are of reasons why freesias make for great tattoos. Their blossoms come in a wide variety of colors, including yellow, orange, pink, purple, red, lavender or bi-colored petals, and the brighter their coloration the stronger their sweet scent. With freesias, you don't just get one bloom, you get anywhere from 5-10 of them on your skin. They make for great commemorative tattoos, since freesias are often associated marriage and anniversaries. Basically, there are a million ways to justify getting a freesia tattoo, you just need to decide what it means to you.

To see more gorgeous floral tattoos, wander through these tattooists Instagrams. Should you want a row of blossoms to adorn your body, consider having them design a freesia for you. 

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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