A Series of Intimate Single Line Portrait Tattoos by Mo Ganji

A Series of Intimate Single Line Portrait Tattoos by Mo Ganji

Mo Ganji creates stunning single line tattoos of intimate portraits of passionate lovers and the animalistic sides of people.

From the start, Mo Ganji wanted to create great impact with simplicity through his single line tattoos. He found the ‘more’ he's searching for in the lesser approach which is designing tattoos within the limitations of one continuous line. With a single line, he's able to create evocative images that illustrate human passion and singularity. Mo expresses all this through minimalism.

Single line Spiderman kiss tattoo by Mo Ganji. #MoGanji #minimalist #singleline #continuousline #portrait #face #kiss #lovers

The Iranian-native & German-based tattoo artist stands out from the rest with his distinct style. It's amazing how one can create many things out of something as limited as a single line. It almost sounds like an art challenge, but Mo perfected the art of minimalism and working under self-imposed constraints. “When it comes to life, I appreciate the simple things,” he said. He embraced the complex factor that came with creating something simple with limited tools — and sending it away to generate great impact.

Single line faces tattoo by Mo Ganji. #MoGanji #minimalist #singleline #continuousline #portrait #face #lovers

In his single line portraits, Mo was able to convey great emotion in simplicity. He was able to capture the intensity between lovers and the struggles of human identities within a series of portraits that evoke strong emotions in minimalism. An intertwining kiss, a man with many faces, and the animalistic side of a person is illustrated in stunning, continuous line.

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One thing that also caught my eye about Mo's works is the triad of dots he always puts under the eye in portraits. The triad may be associated with the popular face tattoo seen in most prisons which means ‘mi vida loca’ or ‘my crazy life.’ It's a tattoo many Latinos get representing their culture pride.

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