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A Smile Is a Curve That Sets All Things Straight: Funny Tattoos

A Smile Is a Curve That Sets All Things Straight: Funny Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Start the day off right with these Funny Tattoos that will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

There are some people out there who are super serious about their tattoos. They plan out every single piece, where it'll go, what it means, what tattoo artist will give it to them. These tattoos are a little different...they take a light-hearted fun approach to tattooing because they're funny tattoos! They should make you smile or even lol, but these pieces are definitely for a particular type of person: all people. We could all use a little funny tattoo here and there. It doesn't mean you have to go get one right now, obviously, but maybe they'll inspire you. Or you can just laugh and point. That's cool too. 

We have a dirty Big Bird, Satan and Jesus hanging out and riding bikes together, and even the Mona Lisa looking totally not amused. Each artist in this collection of funny tattoos has taken not only their personal aesthetic and style to create an awesome piece, but they've infused the ink with their very own humor. It's great when two people meet, and right off the bat, they can tell that what they find funny is the same...not everyone likes dark humor, not everyone likes slapstick...but as tattooing is a collaborative process, it's cool that these clients found tattoo artists that illustrate common comedic ground!

We try to bring to you funny tattoos, serious tattoos, realistic tattoos, watercolor tattoos....literally all the tattoos. We can't really name them all. But if you want to see something specific, let us know! Not only do we have an archive of tons of awesome pieces on our app and website, but we also have an awesome Facebook group called The Committed for people just like you: people who love tattoos, love to talk about them, get them, look at them, wonder about them, dream them up and share them with the world!

Written byTattoodo

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