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A Stroke of Genius, Brush Strokes That Is...Painterly Tattoos

A Stroke of Genius, Brush Strokes That Is...Painterly Tattoos

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These painterly tattoos could easily be mistaken for masterly works on paper or canvas, but they are definitely on skin.

Fine art reproductions are becoming more and more popular as time goes on! And really, although we have questions about how they will heal and age, we just can't stop staring at them! The artists who do such gorgeous painterly tattoos are absolute marvels. It's one thing to just tattoo whatever the hell someone asks you for off a Sailor Jerry flash sheet, this too takes massive talent to do well, but it's a totally other thing to give someone a painterly tattoo that perfectly replicates one of their favorite paintings, film stills or fine art pieces.

In fact, if you really thing about it, someone who creates painterly tattoos is sort of a genius because they're using a needle as if it were a brush...just think about that, mkay? It's literally translating a totally different tool into another tool to make it look as if it's replicating another technique. This is super cool. And it's also super cool that many of our favorite painterly tattoos are some of our favorite works of art. Van Gogh reproductions are some of the ones we see most often, but we also see stills from our favorite flicks, photographs, and family portraits all perfectly formed in painterly tattoos.

It's also incredible to see these painterly tattoos reproduce some of our favorite fine art pieces, because many of them are replicating impasto brushstrokes, the technique Van Gogh was famous for...super goopy, texturized layers of oil paint. Other painterly tattoos are mimicking oil pastel or chalk, some watercolor or ink calligraphy pen. The painterly tattoos that look like film stills or photographs are all incredible...these artists have a particular way of working and seeing the world that we couldn't respect more. It's that type of artistry and devotion to the craft of tattooing that makes us love our job.

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