A Tattoo by Any Other Name Would Look as Sweet

A Tattoo by Any Other Name Would Look as Sweet

William Shakespeare has influenced our culture to its very core, including the literary tattoos so many fans of the Bard wear with pride.

You know that really cool movie with Leonardo DiCaprio that’s got that one Cardigans song I really like a lot in it, Romeo and Juliet? For some reason I thought Shane Black wrote it until just recently when it was pointed out to me that some guy named Shakespeare wrote it.

I checked on IMDB to see what other movies this dude had written, and according to his page he’s written over 1250 movies! And he’s been dead for over 400 years. What was going on here?

And so, down the rabbit hole I tumbled. As it turns out, Shakespeare was a playwright of the Elizabethan era, responsible for some works that apparently everyone who has heard of him consider to be classics of the English language. Well, huh.

Shakespeare wrote 37 plays in his lifetime. Works like MacBeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, and King Lear are all performed to this day. What can we say? Actors love Shakespeare.

I was familiarizing myself with Shakespeare’s major works, but then things got really weird – as it turns out, there’s all sorts of debate about who this guy was and if he even wrote all of this stuff. I was really through the looking glass on this one.

Regardless of whom wrote the works of Shakespeare, those classics of literature have been inspiring tattoos probably since modern tattooing began. Here are just some of the amazing tattoo representation of Shakespeare and his works that people have been getting.

Wow! Even after being dead for over 400 years, people are still influenced enough by Shakespeare to get these tattoos. It gives me hope that in a couple of centuries there will be someone walking around with a futuristic hologram tattoo that sings that Cardigans song I love so dearly.

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