A Terrifying Glimpse at Ron Henry Wells' Creepy Work

A Terrifying Glimpse at Ron Henry Wells' Creepy Work

With his unique spin on traditional tattoos, Ron Henry Wells is changing the game.

By utilizing a radically different take on traditional tattoos, Ron Henry Wells has created something unique, that honors the pioneers of the art, all while stepping out onto his own. Wells has thought outside of the box and his tattoo designs are some of the most confounding and impactful pieces we've seen here at Tattoodo.

While his practice seems to be rooted in the traditional style, you can see that he views the rules of that genre as mere guidelines. He isn't shackled to the strict tenets of the style, and has created something beautiful, and horrifying.

You'll soon see that his tattoos are just plain creepy. Drawing inspiration from horror films, your nightmares, and other haunting imagery, Wells is able to craft some absolutely stunningly creepy tattoos.

As you can see, his style doesn't necessarily stick to the bold outlines of traditional tattoos, and some of them seem to bleed. He also employs some excellent shading to make his designs look like they appear out of nowhere.

He shows off his skills as the co-owner of The Torchbearer tattoo shop in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. As of this writing, the shop has a 5-star rating on Facebook, which is high praise considering most people leaving reviews on Facebook are miserable assholes. The shop has been open since 2014, and Wells regularly posts the inspirations for his works on his Instagram, and his personal blog, The Laughing Hyena

Follow Ron Henry Wells on Instagram and prepare to be creeped out to the max. You'll be introduced to new nightmarish creatures and images to haunt your dreams.

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