A True American Hero: Mykki Blanco Gets 'F*ck Trump' Tattoo

A True American Hero: Mykki Blanco Gets 'F*ck Trump' Tattoo

Blanco puts the new commander-in-chief on blast with a boldly defiant tattoo.

We all have our own ways of coping with (or, uh, celebrating, I suppose) the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America. Controversial is a pretty boring, basic word to describe what's happening right now in the grand ol' Melting Pot. 

One way to cope is to get your favorite tattoo artist to give you some indelible ink to either soothe your shattered nerves, or pronounce your politics and passions immediately, and hip hop artist, activity, poet and all-around gender magician Mykki Blanco has a message for our newly inaugurated president. 

"Fuck Trump" (via IG—_mykki_) #MykkiBlanco #Mykki #Tattoo #Political #Protest

YOUR (sic) FIRED. - Mykki Blanco

While the video on their Instagram shows French tattooist Angel going in on Blanco's chest, the final image doesn't quite appear to be Blanco's pecs. Regardless, the message is clear: "Fuck Trump," with a classic flaming demon eye. 

Blanco, among many other fantastic performers and actors like Janelle Monae, Deborah Messing, Lupita Nyong'o (to name a few) has been very vocal about Trump, his incoming administration, his policies. Polarizing, again, isn't a very strong word for what Trump and his ilk bring out in people, but the amount of tattoos for or against this situation says enough as it is.

Tattoos have always been, in their own unspoken way, a way for individuals to make a claim — on their politics, their preferences, their aesthetic desires, you name it. Sometimes you go out and wear the shirt or hat, other times a piece of clothing just won't cut it to show how strongly you feel. Blanco's passion, admirable and powerful, is a huge political statement and we admire them for it. 

If you haven't heard of Blanco yet, strap in, because Blanco's talent is limitless, and with this new political terrain, we imagine we'll be hearing from them a lot. The best luminaries shine brightest in troubling times, and Blanco is a fucking beacon. 

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