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A Whole Lotta Beautiful Black and Grey Tattoos

A Whole Lotta Beautiful Black and Grey Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

These black and grey tattoos should spark your imagination and leave you craving more inspo.

Like it or not, there are some rules of tattooing, some tried and true techniques, that are there for a reason. And as the saying goes, "bold will hold"...traditional tattooing is immediately recognizable through its iconography, yes, but also its use of thick black lines and densely packed colors. This is the main reason why traditional tattoos, generally, heal the best...they settle into the skin as if they had always been there. And that goes double for black and grey tattoos. Most tattoo artists would agree that black and grey ages like a very fine wine: these pieces will only get better with time.

Black and grey tattoos come in many shapes, sizes, concepts, and styles, like any other tattoo, but with tender love and care these babies will hold up for as long as your skin does. It's pretty awesome knowing when you get a tattoo that it'll look just as good, or better, once its healed...and over the years, if you get as much ink as we do, you'll barely notice all the beautiful art covering your skin until someones compliments you on all your nice work. Black and grey tattoos or not, this art form is something we are so blessed with, we're glad we get to carry it throughout our lives. It literally becomes so imbedded in our skin, that it's basically like we were born that way.

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