Aaron Hingston's Cute, Quirky Ladies

Aaron Hingston's Cute, Quirky Ladies

Quirky ladies have been chic for a while, and Aaron Hingston is showing his appreciation for these goofy gals.

Thank Zooey Deschanel.

The "adorkable" star of The New Girl is the poster child for the trend of "quirky" ladies in the mainstream media. Not too long ago, quirky ladies were shunned from society, forced to hide their awkwardness and (lack of) charm. Those were different times, where bombshells dominated the airwaves. Quirky ladies had to feed off of the scraps of these beauties. They were the vultures to the bombshells' wolves.

No mas!

Now, quirky girls are the dominant class, and people are finding their eccentricities fascinating and enchanting. People just can't resist these ladies anymore, and who can blame them? They're bubbling over with personality and oddities, which makes them infinitely more interesting than their vapid, vacuous counterparts. Quirky gals are just more fun.

Mermaid lady. (via IG - aaron_hingston) #traditional #lady #ladies #AaronHingston #mermaid

Tattooist Aaron Hingston shows his fondness of these quirky ladies in his tattoos. Done in the American traditional style, he really does well to capture the spirit of these types of ladies. They come from all walks of life, and no peculiar lady will be left behind.

Working out of Hens Teeth Tattoo Co. in Dromana, Australia, Hingston has appealed to a wide audience because of his bizarre take on traditional lady tattoos. You can find smoking nuns, naked hula girls, and some even more outlandish designs. 

Follow Hingston on Instagram to see all of his tattoo updates. Be on the lookout for some more quirky ladies on there too, you won't be disappointed. You just may find love.

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