Abstract Art with Depth by Anat Nimni

Abstract Art with Depth by Anat Nimni

Anat Nimni creates art as a form of resistance.

Anat Nimni is an Israeli tattoo artist working out of Inkdentity Tattoo Studio, in Tel Aviv. Her tattoos cover many different styles, but I am particularly drawn to her abstract tattoos, which often combine solid black ink with bright and bold red ink. Although she excels at this style, she is able to effortlessly combine abstract, graphic, geometric, and sketch styles, working in both color and blackwork. Very impressive.

Nimni has, unsurprisingly, studied both Modern Art and Photography at colleges in Israel. She also holds a degree in Women's and Gender Studies. Reading Nimni's description of her relationship to art helped give me a really good idea of why she makes the kind of art that she does. She speaks of her art as in fact being a form of resistance, serving as a way to challenge pre-conceived ideas of what "is" or what "should be". 

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Her description reads: "[Art] must take risks, at the risk of not being immediately accepted or acceptable. It is deviant, and in itself a social project. Art can, art must change the world, and it is it's only justification." 

Couldn't agree more. 

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Images from Instagram, quote from Nimni's website.

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