Abstract Watercolor Tattoos by Ryan Tews

Abstract Watercolor Tattoos by Ryan Tews

Canada is calling to all you watercolor tattoo fans out there...

Ryan Tews is a tattoo artist at WuKong Tattoo (formally Lasting Impressions) in Calgary, Canada where he specializes in watercolor tattoos.

Gradient watercolor butterflies by Ryan Tews. #watercolor #RyanTews #butterfly #insect #gradient

Tews's body of work shows just how multi-faceted the watercolor style is with some pieces forgoing any line work, and others incorporating a mixture of thin and thick sketchy illustrative lines to create depth and detail. Some watercolor pieces can look alike and rather generic, but Tews has a unique style which means all his clients leave with truly one-of-a-kind tattoo. 

To see what can be achieved in the watercolor style, check out the tattoos of Ryan Tews. 

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Watercolor and line work sunflower tattoo by Ryan Tews. #watercolor #RyanTews #flower #sunflower #linework #sketchy #illustrative

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