Accio Ink! Minimalist Harry Potter Tattoos That'll Keep Hogwarts Close

Accio Ink! Minimalist Harry Potter Tattoos That'll Keep Hogwarts Close

The magic lives within these tiny and minimalist reminders that will always keep Hogwarts close to your heart.

The Harry Potter generation is growing up. We're finishing college, we're getting employed, some us are even having kids and naming them Hermoine.

1. The classic symbol of the Deathly Hallows

Can't go wrong with this minimalist yet strong symbol.

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While it's impossible to take away the magic from us proud Muggle-born wizards, there's nothing like Hogwart-approved ink to forever mark your magical heritage. With these tastefully minimalist yet all the more enchanting tattoos, you'll never have to feel far away from home again.

2. These gorgeous matching fine-line wand tattoos of two friends tied by their love for Harry Potter

Instead of a wand finger tattoo that will probably fade within weeks, opt for a subtle and sophisticated wand tattoo like these that's just as magical.

3. A severely minimalist golden snitch tattoo

4. Platform 9¾ is always within reach.

With this dainty Platform 9¾ behind-the-ear tattoo, you never have to look far to get to Hogwarts.

5. Wear your house emblem with pride.

We'd have to let this finger tattoo pass for the sole reason that Dr. Woo's fine fingers touched it.

6. Here's an epic quote by Dumbledore tattooed on a fan having a blast at ‘Diagon Alley.’ 

7. Expecto Patronum!

A nice dotwork touch on an extraordinary spell. 

8. A beautiful rendition of a cryptic quote hidden in a powerful stone.

Turning scars into meaningful marks.

9. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

10. This is how you do white ink, HP style.

11. Muggle-born, wizard at heart.

12. “After all this time?” WE STILL CAN'T.

Do not even get me started on this. *sobs*

13. Lumos up with ‘lit’ UV tattoos!

Never a nox moment with UV tattoos.

14. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs

15. This cute behind-the-ear tattoo that will keep the spark with you wherever you go

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