Ad Campaign Uses Tattooing as a Way to Reach a Millennial Audience

Ad Campaign Uses Tattooing as a Way to Reach a Millennial Audience

This ad from The Institute of Management Accountants features a tattoo parlor for its setting, as well as a hilarious back-piece.

It's incredible just how mainstream tattoos are becoming with the millennial generation. Not only are more people getting tattooed in general, companies are even monetizing the art form and using it as a means for advertising. This is the case with The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), which describes itself as "the worldwide association of accountants and financial professionals in business." This organization recently released a humorous ad campaign that revolves around the notion of getting tattooed. Below are some screenshots from the video.

Here is the video, which features the stereotype of a 'typical' tattoo parlour with flash art on the walls, a neon sign of a rose, and a tattoo machine humming in the background. As the camera moves toward the back of the shop, it reveals several frumpy-looking accounting students watching one of their peers getting a back-piece. They look nervous, as if studiously observing a demonstration that they will be tested about later. The tattoo artist stops working, and the man stands up to show off the laughable back-piece. Check it out if you want a good chuckle. 

I hope you were tickled by this quirky commercial. I will make sure to keep an eye out for any other corporations like IMA that are using the art form as a means for product placement, so that together, we can continue to see how the cultural capital of tattoos is increasing as the mainstream subsumes more and more of what used to be a subculture.

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