Adam Lambert Shows Off His New Tattoo

Adam Lambert Shows Off His New Tattoo

The singer showed off the sweet new ink on his side.

You guys remember American Idol? For all of the mockery that the show gets, it has actually produced some pretty famous singers. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Katharine McPhee, Phillip Phillips, along with many other singers who garnered varying degrees of success.

One of those participants was Adam Lambert, the controversial runner-up from Season 8. Many people felt he deserved the winning nod, which instead went to Kris Allen.

The loss certainly hasn't hampered Lambert's success after the show. He's had numerous successful singles and has gained international popularity.

Plus he just got a new tattoo!

Tattoo artist Maxime Buchi at Sang Bleu London Tattoo did the tattoo on Lambert's side. It's of The Gay God, Antinous, which is very on-brand for Lambert, who has been famously outspoken about LGBT rights, and his own queer identity.

Antinous was a sacred being in Egyptian culture, and when he drowned in the Nile, it was believed that he became Osiris, the God of the Dead. Many hold Antinous in high esteem, and a religion based on him has been created.

Look at that dreamboat. #AdamLambert #AmericanIdol #Singers

Lambert is no stranger to the tattoo parlor, and this likely won't be his last trip either. This particular tattoo seems like a perfect fit for the ever-popular (and successful) singer.

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