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Addicted to You, Brew: Charming Coffee Tattoos

Addicted to You, Brew: Charming Coffee Tattoos

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Cold, hot, blended, flavored, chocolate form, mixed into ice matter what, we love it. Sip on these here Coffee Tattoos!

Have you ever woken up, walked to your local coffee shop, bought coffee, and then literally repeated this for the rest of your life? Ever woken up with a caffeine headache because you haven't had your fix yet? Do you have several different coffee machines scattered around your kitchen? What about a favorite mug; do you have one that you must drink caffeine out of immediately after waking up OR ELSE? If you answered yes to literally any of these questions, then perhaps these coffee tattoos are just for you. We've brought this collection of coffee tattoos straight to you, because we love all the things that you love...caffeine included. 

If you've ever been a barista, or sat at your computer for long periods of time, either working, procrastinating, or people watching (or perhaps all three combined...) you've probably seen people wander into a coffee shop, in a sort of daze, with a bleak look in their eyes...basically they are sleep walking. However, as soon as they take that sweet brown liquid to their lips, suddenly they become the human they always knew they could be. Part of the charm of these coffee tattoos is that caffeine has a sort of magical quality to it: it wakes you up, it motivates you, it inspires you to be creative and get shit done. We get it...we're right there with you!

We appreciate all the hard work that these little beans take, all of the people who make our caffeine addiction possible. From the pickers, to the grinders, to the baristas out there doin' their thang; thanks guys. We love you as much as we love these crazy lil beans. If you think about it, your local barista is basically a dealer of a legal stimulant...but sometimes, they straight up make your morning, and you day, livable. Where would we be without coffee, and the coffee tattoos that it inspires?! Hell to the eye. Give us all the coffee. 

Written byTattoodo

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