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Adorable Illustrative Tattoos by Lia November

Adorable Illustrative Tattoos by Lia November

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Lia November creates endearing little illustrative blackwork tattoos with a dash of color.

Lia November's portfolio is brimming with some of the most joyful imagery imaginable. Her cute, minimalist aesthetic makes for tattoos that are quick to put a smile on your face. Specializing in adorable iconography, she combines delicate linework and sparse color palettes to create small-scale pieces that have an irresistible simplicity to them. Her work is so charming that it will likely leave you in a whimsical mood. 

Through the many illustrative techniques that she employs, one can see that graphic design obviously influences November's work. In most of her compositions, she incorporates multiple line weighs, crosshatching and stippling to give her subjects definition, and just a hint of color to offset her stripped down approach to making blackwork tattoos. In a few of her pieces, you can also find elements of cubism, especially in her nudes and other human figures.  

If you're a connoisseur of adorable imagery, then November's work is definitely for you. The majority of her tattoos feature dainty iconography like kittens, delicate floral, and other playful figures. Her designs of subjects such as beckoning cats and ballet dancers are as inviting as can be. It's hard not to feel happy when confronted by something as cuddly as a finger-puppet pooping out little blackwork hearts, after all. 

Check out more of November's delightful body art on Instagram. Should you desire one of her adorable tattoos, she works at Grizzly Inc in Liege, Belgium and can be contacted via Facebook

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