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Adorable Kawaii Food And Animal Tattoos By Numi

Adorable Kawaii Food And Animal Tattoos By Numi

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Numi creates cute animated kawaii tattoos.

You can never get too much kawaii! Check out these adorable bright tattoos by this Barcelona-based artist... 

Kawaii banana tattoo by Numi #Numi #banana #sunglasses #fruit #kawaii

Kawaii is the word used to describe the cute elements of Japanese pop culture - sparkle, bright colors, big wide eyes, personified objects - Numi's tattoos are kawaii heaven. Her food and animal tattoos, in particular, are captivating with their lovable faces and shining colors.

Kawaii chilli tattoo by Numi #Numi #chilli #kawaii

Numi is based at LTW Tattoo in Barcelona, alongside some other awesome tattooists such as Tomas Garcia, Manu and Norte (the list is endless!).

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Kawaii jellyfish tattoo by Numi #Numi #jellyfish #kawaii

All photos from Instagram.

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