Adventure with Shadow this Weekend with Starz's American Gods

Adventure with Shadow this Weekend with Starz's American Gods

Neil Gaiman’s classic Americana journey comes to life with this Starz limited series

One of our all time favorite books, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, will be coming to life in a television adaptation that is scheduled to premiere on Starz this weekend.

April seriously flew by — spring has sprung, Easter came and went, Passover passed, and it’s almost the end of the month. We started this fine April off by diving deep into the themes, gods, goddesses, and whirlwind story of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, teaching you some international history while looking to the future for some fantastic tattoo guidance. This adaptation, and its trailers and social media teasers, really seems to be shaping up to do justice to its source material, and we’re incredibly pleased.

“There were unrelated ideas that I knew were important yet seemed unconnected,” Gaiman writes in his introduction to the tenth anniversary edition of the book. “Two men meeting on a plane; the car on the ice; the significance of coin tricks; and more than anything, America: this strange, huge place that I knew I didn’t understand. But I wanted to understand it. More than that, I wanted to describe it.” Starz has taken Gaiman’s love letter to America and transformed it into that most American of mediums — television.

We’re eager to see America through our protagonist Shadow’s eyes, and witness some of the most historic, site-specific battles of brawn and wit to date. We’re excited to see how Ian McShane portrays Mr. Wednesday, otherwise known as the powerful Odin, a god we dissected the history of earlier this month.

While you don’t need to know all the details and history behind the major and minor gods coming out of this masterpiece, getting to know them better will certainly enhance your viewing experience. You can learn more about how Anubis masters the afterlifetremble before the mighty Kali, and shapeshift with Loki.

Streaming services have certainly brought our favorite heroes to life — Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Black Panther, Stranger Things — there’s a revolution happening with storytelling that streaming provides. New stories with new twists or classic characters with fresh paint — we’re in a new golden age of television. This new-old art form gives us hope that Gaiman’s seminal work will be treated more than just right — it’ll be another new phase of the artform.

American Gods previews this Sunday, April 30 on Starz.

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