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Ages Like Fine Wine: Black and Grey Tattoos

Ages Like Fine Wine: Black and Grey Tattoos

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Black and grey tattoos have been likened to fine wine because they just get better and better with age.

Black and grey tattoos are just like the tag line says, they age like fine time goes by, they settle in and become a part of your skin that looks natural, while also standing out. They age better than anything else you can imagine...color will never age as well as black and grey tattoos, it's just a fact. Although, we do have to mention that color inks have definitely come forward leaps and bounds thanks to some dedicated tattooers and technology. We've also included some blackwork tattoos, because we're just obsessed with how good brand new black ink looks on skin.

We know you've heard all the arguments against watercolor tattoos, so we won't bother mentioning it....but as you probably know, part of the reason why black and grey tattoos are just so slick and superior is that color travels, it spreads in the skin...whereas black stays put. As long as you wear sunscreen, and take care of your body, you should look fabulous even at the age of 109. Maybe you don't plan on getting there...maybe you don't care about why black is better than color...but really there are some people who love the aesthetic of just plain ol' black and grey tattoos.

And there is something to be said for artists who take black and grey tattoos and do something totally wild with them. Blackworkers, hyperrealists, artists who like to imitate engravings from the renaissance and more...they take one color, or a few different values of grey and make something completely eye catching. Rather than rely on a bunch of colors to make their designs pop, they rely on design and concept alone. Theres also the cool thing about black and grey tattoos matching literally anything you could possibly wear...we know this doesn't matter to everyone, but since our entire wardrobe is black...

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