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Alchemical Invocations: Interview with Tattoo Artist Henry Hablak

Alchemical Invocations: Interview with Tattoo Artist Henry Hablak

Tattoo Artists3 min Read

Talented tattoo artist, painter, and illustrator Henry Hablak talks about his artistic philosophies in this exclusive interview.

Have you ever been alone in the forest or desert, far from civilization, and felt what it must have been like for the first humans to wander this incredible landscape? To think of the awe and wonderment they must have experienced when facing birth and death, natural disasters, and more...things that we now cast off with so much scientific explanation. 

What were you like as a kid? Were you always artistic and how did this lead to tattooing?

How would you describe your style and what artists, films, books, etc. would you say are your main influences?

What do you love about tattooing and the tattoo community?

I love that a lot of your work comes seems super researched, like the piece inspired by the Phrygian cult ‘Attis’. It's like archeology and sociology meets tattooing. How did you become interested in such diverse subject matter and how does it influence your work?

Symbols, like the swastika, have been appropriated, abused, and can sometimes be easily misunderstood, but they are a common aspect of your work. What is your working philosophy when it comes to symbols? How do you use them so skillfully and what advice do you have for others who are trying to do the same?

How do you spend the time you’re not tattooing? What do you wish you had more time for?

Justine Morrow
Written byJustine Morrow

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