Alex Strangler's Fun And Girly Mandala Tattoo Series

Alex Strangler's Fun And Girly Mandala Tattoo Series

If you're sick and tired of the same old boring mandala designs, Alex Strangler brings us her unique brand of fun mandalas!

LA-based tattoo artist, Alex Strangler is known for her quirky and fun tattoos featuring pop culture icons like Homer Simpson, Daria, and the guys from Adventure Time. Before she found fame in tattooing popular characters from cartoon series, TV shows, and kawaii brands, Alex Strangler was known for her fun mandala designs. These designs are sprinkled a ton with girly elements, fun color palettes, and sometimes, even incorporating cool stuff like pizza, donuts, or even Homer Simpson. So if you're looking for something familiar yet so different, look no further than Alex's far out works.

Homer Simpson mandala by Alex Strangler. #mandala #design #TheSimpsons #AlexStrangler

How awesome is this?

Mandala tattoo by Alex Strangler. #AlexStrangler #mandala #eye #color

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