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Alex Zampirri's Fluffy, Furry, Fuzzy Beasts

Alex Zampirri's Fluffy, Furry, Fuzzy Beasts

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Traditional beasties who wanna be your besties.

To call animal tattoos a regularly occurring motif might be one of the more redundant statements made. Animals are just a fixture on their own on all of pop culture — in all of society! — so it should come as no surprise that people feel incredibly dedicated to our furry friends and want them on their bodies. We want them as pets, we want them as inspiration, we want them as heroes in stories, and we want them in our ink. 

Zampirri's way of inking fur is top notch. He gives a sense of direction and fuzziness that makes it so each animal seems to be actually alive and breathing. Sometimes, the simplicity of the traditional style can flatten a character or image, by nature of the directionality of the line or the nature of the image itself. Zampirri breaks through this standard, by utilizing his line and the direction of the fur as a means to produce small inconsistencies. Rather than have a perfectly symmetrical puppy face, mirroring one half to match the other, Zampirri intentionally makes his animals unique and off-kilter. This makes them specific, like your neighbor's boxer puppy you see every day and just want to pet, rather than a stock image of a boxer.

Head to Zampirri's Instagram for more wonderful traditional work. If you're in the great state of Pennsylvania, drive yourself on over to Heart and Soul Tattoo in Greenville for an appointment. 

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