ALGEBRAIC! 11 Adventure Time Tattoos

ALGEBRAIC! 11 Adventure Time Tattoos

C'mon grab your friends. It's Adventure Time tattoos.

My favorite cartoon series ever made is Adventure Time, so I'm enthused to share these tattoos based on the show with you. Here are some positively "mathematical" pieces of body art straight out of the Land of Ooo, where the fun will never end.

"Come along with me through the butterflies and bees."
"Homies help homies."

It is simply incredible how many people have tattoos of the two main characters from Adventure Time, Finn and Jake. Virtually hundreds of individuals have these iconic protagonists inscribed on their skin. Though body art depicting Finn and Jake is fairly common, what's even cooler is that there are tattoos of other outstanding foils from the show as well.

"Fool! Your powers are no match for my magical crown!"
"Why did you eat my fries?"
"Oh my Glob!"

No Adventure Time tattoo post would be complete without Lumpy Space Princess. Here she is in all her lovely lady lumps. The portrayals of Ice King and Marceline are spot on as well, capturing their personalities perfectly. Love how Joshua Couchenour squeezed in Gunter, too. He's the cutest. Below are kickass tattoos of BMO and Lemongrab as well, although it must be said that I can't stand that shrill citrus tyrant.

"Who wants to play video games?"
"One million years dungeon!"
"Daddy's little fatty."

I hope you enjoyed looking at these Adventure Time tattoos as much as I did writing about them. More and more of the show's imagery is turning up in body art every day, so should I run across more new ones to show you, I'll try to do another post like this one eventually. Until then, keep helping homies, homies. 

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