All About That Bass… Guitar Tattoos

All About That Bass… Guitar Tattoos

We look at the most under-appreciated facets of rock music and lay down some groovy bass tattoos

When I’m not diligently strapped to my laptop researching or typing away at articles, I spend most of my free time trying to nail the bass solo from Maxwell Murder. Let me tell you, it’s fucking hard, probably one of the most demanding basslines ever written. To honor the singular greatness of this bass solo, we’ve got some sick Rancid tattoos for you today. Just kidding, we’ve got tattoos of bass guitars.

Traditionally speaking, the bassist is the most under-appreciated aspect of any rock combo. Assuming you aren’t a bassist yourself and just some pedestrian music listener, how many bassists can you even name off the top of your head? Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee, that relatively unfamous dude from Nirvana… That’s about it, right? Now how many guitar players or drummers can you name? See, bassists always get the short stick.

But maybe you’re cultured. Maybe you could talk at length about the work of Les Claypool or about how Flea is the only good thing RHCP has going on. Maybe you have an opinion on the number of strings a good bass should have. Well, that’s great, you’re clearly not a pedestrian when it comes to this stuff, and surely you’ll appreciate these bass guitar tattoos way more than the uncultured segment of our audience.

The bass is an integral part of any band. It provides the rhythm, the groove, the low end needed to blow out your eardrums with your car speakers. It provides a nice contrast to the treble. Actually, nothing in this paragraph is necessarily true based solely on the fact that Lars and James dropped all of Jason Newsted’s bass to inaudible levels on the mix of “...And Justice For All,” and the album rips hard despite this. But have you heard the version with the bass restored to normal levels? It rips harder. This is just one example of the terrible abuses bass players have suffered throughout history.

So in celebration of the most uncelebrated aspect of rock music for nearly 70 years, we’ve got strung up some rad bass guitar tattoos. Because some people just love bass that much. So, stop being such an uncultured boob and learn how to appreciate bass. Or don’t. It’s your life.

Don’t these bass guitar tattoos make you want to learn how to play bass or at least play Rock Band or something? How do they make you feel? Let us know in the comment section. We’re always dying to hear from you.

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