All Bodies Are Beautiful: Chest Tattoos for Everyone

All Bodies Are Beautiful: Chest Tattoos for Everyone

In this collection of chest tattoos, we put a spotlight on transformation. Mastectomy cover ups, top surgery tattoos, and more are included.

Just like our title says, all bodies are beautiful. No matter what. We often do collections of back tattoos, forearm tattoos...and we've even done wonderfully curated articles about chest tattoos before, and this one is no different. This particular themed tattoo day is about transformation. And in this selection we've included pieces that we think are all about that...whether celebrating a successful top surgery, healing trauma with mastectomy scar cover ups, and even really large designs that took a lot of dedication to the art form of tattooing. Tattoos mean different things for everyone, we all get them for our own purposes, but every one gives us another reason to celebrate this incredibly powerful fine art.

Chest tattoos are a big commitment not only because it takes time, money and an intense amount of skill to pull them off, but also because they're placed in such an obvious area! While tattoos aren't as permanent as everyone likes to think, getting a good chest piece requires a great artist and a dash of creativity! When people go to a tattooist with ideas for their chest, it can be thrilling: there is a lot of space to work with and so many different aesthetics, styles, techniques, designs and more to pull it all together. But no everyone jumps right in and gets a huge banger!! Some people start off small and build the design over time...don't think that just because you want your chest done, that it means you need to do it all in one sitting.

In fact, most large pieces are done over time...think a couple weeks or months depending on your appointment schedule, and the artists availability. It's awesome to get a chest piece done in a day, but it may not always be the right way to go! This especially comes into play when an artist is designing a chest tattoo that involves mastectomy scar cover want to make sure that no only is your artist the best of the best, but that they have, hopefully, some experience in doing scar cover ups. If not, that's totally okay! As long as you trust your artist, and you work together to make sure that you experience is exactly as you dream it can be.

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Tattoos are transformative and can help people feel as though they really and truly are connected with, and own, their body. Often our world tries to separate us from our expectations sometimes have insane beauty standards that require make-up or cosmetic surgery...sometimes this leads to bad self esteem, or body issues! Tattoos allow you to express yourself just as you wish, and many people who get them after a mastectomy or top surgery, feel absolutely renewed and free to embrace the beauty of their bodies. It's so incredible what tattooing can give to people, and we love to be a part of that. We hope you love these chest tattoos and that they inspire you to get some ink of your own!

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