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All Hail the Ruler of Hades: Sick AF Satanic Tattoos

All Hail the Ruler of Hades: Sick AF Satanic Tattoos

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Brutal as all hell, these Satanic Tattoos make every other style and design pale in comparison.

Don't you ever wish you had a satanic tattoo? Well, now you can make that dream come true!! There are tons of tattooists out there who love their evil super dark shit. And you can get tattooed by them. Crazy, we know. But also real talk. Getting a satanic tattoo is either an homage to the evil forces that are under the surface of almost everything *cough* capitalism *cough* or it's a joke on you...we can't tell you how many of our friends are atheist and just got a tattoo of satan because they thought it was funny when people took it seriously...maybe that's just our weird friends though.

But no matter your religious stance, you have to admit these pieces really do show the glory of the, damn, they make him look good right? Or some of them are just oddly Ronja Block's satanic tattoo that features a really sweet look goat with a heart for a nose. Don't mind that bloody pentagram behind it! There's also Charline Bataille's piece that is basically the devil riding a sweet little ol blue lamb! V cute. V funny. We dig it. We're pretty sure that these all mythical creatures, but it don't matter, right? Hail Santa. Satan....whatever.

If we were to get a satanic tattoo though we'd have to do one of those things where you include literally every facet of Satanism ever. We need the candles, the hot 1970's witchy babes, the Goya goats, obviously a ton of pentagrams...a depiction of hell perhaps by Gustave Dore. It would be a clusterf*** of satanic tattoos. The layers of hell would come slowly up our body, starting at the toes all the way up to our scalp. Maybe just depicting one circle of hell would be enough...but we feel like if you're going to get a satanic tattoo: you better go balls to the walls.

Written byTattoodo

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