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All I Wanna Do Is Make Love: Heart Tattoos For Lovers

All I Wanna Do Is Make Love: Heart Tattoos For Lovers

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These heart tattoos beat to the rhythm of true love, with a lil heartbreak on the side.

We have many loves, and tattoos are obviously up there in the top three. If theres something that shows love and devotion more than heart tattoos, let us know...until then we'll be gushing over how awesome these pieces are. It's too bad the English language is so sparse on words...Sanskrit has 80 words for the word "love"...which makes sense considering how many different types of love there are. Let's be real, you can't really put your love for pizza on the same level as the love you feel for your parents. Okay, maybe some of you can, however, it's clear that these heart tattoos have many meanings and many reasons to exist.

The take on a sacred heart by El Uf is lovely, dark, and deep...kind of like that Robert Frost poem....whereas the heart tattoo by Kimsany is really cute and emotes a deep appreciate for nature. Suflanda's anatomical heart tattoo shows a cute kitty taking a bath...and we don't know about you, but this piece specifically mixes a few of our favorite things: love, cute cats, long hot baths...rubber duckies. Her tattoos usually mix a bunch of different things in a beautiful and graceful way, creating landscapes that you would want to live in forever. 

As usual, however, Tattoodo is devoted to bringing you the best tattoos out there. Our true love is for the artists, the art, and the clients who continue to support the tattoo communities all around the globe...including the Tattoodo Community. If you love these heart tattoos, and the work we do, the interviews, films and more, then head on over to Facebook and join our group The Committed . It's our new group for people who love tattoos as much as we do, and who want to share theirs, ask questions, or get help finding their next piece! 

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