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All is Full of Love: Heart Tattoos

All is Full of Love: Heart Tattoos

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In this collection of heart tattoos we look at the universal symbol of love and the many ways we can depict that beautiful feeling!

How do you show your love? There are so many different ways! Of course, one of the best ways is with tattoos, because, after all, who doesn't love being gifted a brand new piece? The same goes for getting inked with a design that perfectly shows your love for someone, or something, in particular. These heart tattoos are probably the most straight forward way to say your feelings, right? The heart is, after all, the universal symbol of love...and you can never have enough of that. We feel like no one ever gets as much lovin' in this life as they we're all about giving it all day and every day.

Some of these heart tattoos are clearly meant to be a sort of homage to couples, partners, or lovers. Woo Loves You is actually known for his incredible clean designs that are very often animals, people, or ropes in the shapes of other things like hearts or skulls! His imagination is like a puzzle! Cats in the shape of skulls, Pink Panthers in the shape of hearts, or dogs in the shape of pretzels...he's incredible. He actually works side by side with his partner, Ssun from Love, and she also creates work that is full of love! Their pieces really promote positivity and happiness; you can feel joy just by looking at their creative output. Ssun's cute banana couple will give you the giggles and smiles for sure.

Maybe everyone has their own idea of what love is, or what these heart tattoos are all about, but our philosophy is that love should be everlasting and given to everyone. Sometimes people fall "out of love" but how does that happen? If you love someone, you should love them through and through...and even if you break up or move on, you should always be able to remember the things about that person that made you love them in the first place. Love isn't something that's lost, especially if you're always giving it away! This is how to cultivate happiness and personal growth: by loving yourself, and loving others...that's a huge part of it since, if you don't love can you love anyone else? We're super big into loving your bod, and tattoos can definitely help with that.

In a recent interview with Sabrina and Jessica of Cover Ups Against Abuse, they both talked about how much tattooing can transform your past and body into something that you can embrace and love. Sabrina said, "It is very important that each choice of ink and process is organically mine in one way or another. Through that process of handpicking and consensually selecting and decorating my body, I have a new sense of pride, security and confidence." While Jessica agreed saying, "Tattoos are now perceived (in western culture especially) like a transformative art, but also as a way of owning our body, expressing ourselves, healing from trauma..." All of these are aspects of growing to love and feel confident within your skin. If a heart tattoo can't help to support that kind of growth, there are definitely tons of other inspirations that can be a symbol to of your love for yourself, or for others....

In fact, many of these heart tattoos could totally be a matching piece with your partner, but don't think that you need to get a matching piece to express your love! Just sharing the experience of getting tattooed with the person you love is really powerful, especially if you don't have the same favorite styles of aesthetics! We can always help you book a tattoo for you, or for your lover. It's what we love to do!

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