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All Seeing, All Knowing: Eye Tattoos

All Seeing, All Knowing: Eye Tattoos

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These Eye Tattoos give new meaning to having eyes in the back of your head...or arm...or whatever.

Oh, the things we see with our the eye tattoos. Get this: while you're looking at them, they're looking at you. How weird is that? Really, sometimes we questions why eye tattoos are so popular...lets say you get one tattooed on your bicep: we can't really imagine waking up in the morning and having it stare at us until we get up. But if eyes are the windows into the soul, then maybe the more eyes you have, the better? So, you get an eye tattoo on each of your arms, a few for your torso and legs, and then BOOM you've got like ten windows into your soul.

Okay, all kidding aside, it's kind of mind-boggling how some hyperrealism tattoo artists produce eye tattoos that really look like another eye somehow just popped out of the skin one day to say hello. Check out Pedro Acosta's eye tattoo...he's known for these, actually, and it's easy to see why: the coloring on the piece is so incredible and skillful, that it's hard to believe it's not a real eye. Like, you keep just waiting for it to blink...but it doesn't. Pedro, you crazy. We love it. Thanks for doing what you do.

Then there are the eye tattoos that are nods to the old school art of Chicano culture. Artists like Tamara Santibanez and Matt Pardo greatly concentrate on this aspect of their work, channeling their own personal culture into their art form in a powerful and inspiring way. Others, like Albie and Lmariera rely more on the illustrative or graphic arts to create their visions. But perhaps what these pieces have in common, beyond these all being eye tattoos, is that they remind the wearer to always be seeing the world, experiencing it and viewing it as it actually is. How do you see the world? How do you think your eye tattoo sees the world? X-D

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