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All the Eye Candy: Top Tattoo Idea Inspiration

All the Eye Candy: Top Tattoo Idea Inspiration

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

In this article we give you some of the best tattoo idea inspiration out there. These tattoo design are sure to spark a need for new ink!

A few weeks ago we spoke about the aspects of really good tattoo design...concepts which actually transcend all facets of design and art, not just tattooing. We talked about the strength of certain concepts, how balance works with color, space, and form, as well as the importance of giving the ink room to breath so that your tattoo is easily recognizable! So, in continuation of that conversation, we bring you some updated tattoo ideas that will hopefully spark your imagination and give you the inspiration you've been looking for! And, of course, since so many people are looking for different things...we brought together a really diverse collection of pieces.

This article is all about the top tattoo idea inspiration. We have brought together some mind blowing realism tattoos, some sweet takes on Traditional tattoos and Japanese tattoos, and we even found some really beautiful pieces that pay homage to our favorite childhood friends. These days it's hard to pin down the style of a many tattoo artists are blending Blackwork with New School iconography, or Hyperrealism with sacred geometry. There are so many different ways you can create a concept, especially if you find a really talented, high quality, tattooist who can work with your ideas and make something completely new. But we know sometimes it's hard to start...there is, after all, so much inspiration out there, so many tattoo ideas! So how do you choose just one?

To start with...our best advice for your tattoo idea is to go with what you love the absolute most. You can Google things all day long like: tattoo ideas for ideas for ideas for sleeves...but the thing is, those searches aren't tailored to your specific needs! That's partly why we're here. We have hundreds of articles with tattoo themes that we think you'll absolutely love...not to mention the thousands and thousand of images we have to share with you in our archives. We also are such an amazing platform, because we filter out all the crap...we always want your inspiration to start with the best tattoo design ideas out there, so we do the leg work for you and bring the best of the best all in one place!

Another thing we'll mention about people who don't know where to start...or what to get first...especially if this is your absolute first tattoo ever, is're, honestly, probably going to get more than just one. Let's face it: most people get more than just one. The statistics prove it: one site says that around 70% of people who get inked, have more than one. A 2018 article on Medium states a similar stat, "Among tattooed people, 1/4 have one tattoo and 3/4 have 2 tattoos or more." And why is this? Partly because that shock of adrenaline you'll get once your under the needle can be totally a good way, we promise. But also the empowerment and the burst of confidence you'll feel after getting tattooed is so awesome. It really, truly, will not only change your skin, but it can also change your outlook on life and how you feel about yourself!

So, while you're out there looking for the best tattoo ideas and the most incredible tattoo designs out there, we hope we can help you on your journey...and, of course, let us know if you're not seeing something on our site or app! We here to help!

Written byTattoodo

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