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Alleles Design Studio is Taking Prosthetics From Function to Fashion

Alleles Design Studio is Taking Prosthetics From Function to Fashion

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Prosthetic covers that bring the amputee community out of the shadows and empower the wearer

In a time when the fashion industry is often appropriating certain cultures, excluding the plus size community, or romanticizing mental illness (we’re looking at you, Vogue Italia), it’s always nice to see companies that are making bounds for an often stigmatized community.

Based out of Canada, Alleles Design Studio is making their mark on the amputee community - literally. Made out of ABS plastic, a material that is lightweight, cleanable, and durable, the company develops fashionable prosthesis covers for amputees. Founded by McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda in 2013, the initial concept for the covers was simple: to create a fashionable, durable, and lightweight prosthesis cover that would empower the wearer, and accessorize the prosthetic rather than minimize it. With Wanner as the artistic director and Palibroda working on the technical aspect, the covers are truly unique. In an interview with Refinery29, Wanner says she pulls her inspiration for the covers from what’s in fashion in interior design as well as sketches that she designs herself.

Starting at $325, the duo offer a wide array of designs including custom work, stating that they want their product and website to be shoppable for the consumer, and not just a conceptual or one off idea. With an incredible assortment of covers, it’s no wonder Alleles Design Studio has gained widespread popularity among the amputee community.

You can shop Alleles Design Studio's covers on their website and visit their Instagramhere.

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