Amanda Wachob’s Beautiful Flower Tattoos

Amanda Wachob’s Beautiful Flower Tattoos

Capturing the beauty of a flower in tattoo form is no easy task.

Amanda Wachob's flower tattoos often take inspiration from fine art. Since the beginning of modern tattooing, flowers have been one of the most popular types of imagery – the rose being the primary type displayed on the skin of men and women for more than 100 years. 

Wachob explores the world of flora a little more deeply than most tattooers. While she certainly creates works that contain the most ubiquitous of flowers – roses, peonies, sunflowers, and the like – she also incorporates wildflowers, tulips, birds of paradise, and many others. 

Her style varies from simple and bold, to painterly and detailed, but each flower tattoo Wachob creates captures the delicate beauty of one of nature's finest creations. 

With the same finesse of delicate strokes and almost nude colors, her flower tattoos seem like they are going to jump from the skin...

If you loved this like I did, go check out her Instagram and her Website!

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