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Amanda Wachob's Watercolor Wonderland

Amanda Wachob's Watercolor Wonderland

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This tattooist's abstract style is as vibrant as it is lovely.

We're huge admirers of Amanda Wachob's abstract body art. She's one of the best watercolor tattooists we've laid eyes on. The abstractness of her delicate and colorful freeform work is mesmerizing. Her tattoos' indefinite boundaries and vibrant color palettes create astonishing visual effects that inspire very open interpretation through their absence of illustrative qualities. They are simply wonderful to behold. 

We enjoy the wide range of abstraction that Wachob's body of work demonstrates. Some of her pieces are very sparse, featuring interwoven strands of colors that look as if they were rendered with a paintbrush, while others are decidedly saturated as if Jackson Pollock was behind the tattoo machine. Sometimes her watercolor tattoos are slightly more illustrative, as seen in the cloud of blue smoke, but they still push the envelope toward the more abstract side of things.

Some of our favorite tattoos that Wachob produces are those that are staunchly minimalist. They have a very unique aesthetic to them and also bring out the exquisiteness of her whimsical style. The back-piece below is, for instance, absolutely breathtaking in its pristine simplicity.

An elegant series of black paintbrush strokes by Amanda Wachob (IG—amandawachob). #abstract #AmandaWachob #freeform #watercolor

We hope you liked these delicate swaths, swirls, and streams of color from Wachob's astounding body of work. If you want to see more of her watercolor masterpieces, check out her Instagram. She tattoos in NYC, so if you want one for her delightful abstract pieces, reach out to her at

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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