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Amazing Realism Tattoos by Pony Lawson

Amazing Realism Tattoos by Pony Lawson

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Build on your happy memories and carry them around with you always, with a tattoo from Pony Lawson!

It wasn't difficult for me to immediately fall in love with Pony Lawson's work. With so many of my all-time favorite television and cinematic characters featured in Lawson's work, like Gizmo, Catwoman, Beetlejuice and Al Bundy, I felt as though I was transported back to my childhood - a much happier time. 

Sweet dog tattoo by Pony Lawson. #realism #colorrealism #dog #petportrait #PonyLawson

These characters (and more) have their very own place etched in pop culture history and a special place in our hearts. For such meaningful tattoos, choosing the right tattooer is of paramount importance. Pony Lawson is one such artist who can so brilliantly recreate realistic portraits on skin with such precision. 

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Color realistic tiger by Pony Lawson. #realism #colorrealism #bigcat #tiger #PonyLawson

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Catwoman's feeling a little frisky. Tattoo by Pony Lawson. #realism #colorrealism #portrait #PonyLawson #Batman #Catwoman

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