Amber Rose's Massive Hollywood Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado

Amber Rose's Massive Hollywood Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado

The celebrity activist raised eyebrows by getting a massive realistic tattoo by the one and only Nikko Hurtado.

Every time news breaks that a celebrity has gotten a new tattoo, we reach for our magnifying glasses and prepare to strain our eyes trying to see the teeny tiny piece that some random Jenner, Baldwin, or Cyrus added to their collection. That's why when we peeped Amber Rose's brand new tattoo our collective jaw hit the floor. It's not tiny, it wasn't done with a single needle, and the artist behind it just so happened to be the best tattooer in the world. 

Realism master Nikko Hurtado shared a photo on his Instagram on Thursday showing the massive tribute to the iconic Hollywood sign Rose had tattooed on her arm.    

Clearly, Rose knows what she's doing when she commissions tattooists. While so many celebrities have minuscule tattoos or questionable work, the bulk of Rose's work is pretty outstanding, in particular the floral sleeve on her right arm and the portrait of a pup near her left shoulder. Now, she has added a tremendous piece by Hurtado to the impressive collection. 

The really impressive part about this tattoo is that Hurtado avoided going the easy route and tattooing the Hollywood sign as the way we imagine it to look, and instead he actually bothered to study the shadows cast by the sign, the supports needed to hold it up, and the shrubbery in the background. When you see a tattoo from Hurtado you expect these details, but it's still refreshing to see the care put into the piece. 

Wouldn't it be nice if every celebrity turned to an artist that would put so much work into the tattoo they were creating? It's a hell of a lot cooler to see an amazing piece like this in the artist's Instagram than a photo of them posing alongside celebs throwing up deuces.  

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