Ami James Is Back and He's Raising the Stakes in Our All New Game Show

Ami James Is Back and He's Raising the Stakes in Our All New Game Show

Mark your calendar for Fridays at 10pm EST to check out Mystery Tattoo on Facebook Live.

MYSTERY TATTOO is not like any game show you've seen before. We're launching a new, original series on Facebook Live every Friday evening on the Tattoodo page. A game show.... about tattoos…. hosted by Miami Ink’s Ami James and featuring the greatest artists in the game. 

Don’t expect Ami to have rounded his rough edges just yet. The show will feature a wheel of (un)fortune and a tattoo glory hole with some very permanent consequences. During 40 skin-piercing minutes, contestants will battle it out for the honor of a tattoo from one of the world-renowned tattoo artists... or a tattoo chosen by the viewers! It's a no-holds-barred, what's-gonna-happen-next contest. 

"We’re looking forward to creating this new show, and looking forward to breaking down the next barrier for tattoo culture." - Ami James

Here are three of the incredible artists  who'll accompany Ami at the premiere of MYSTERY TATTOO. 

1. Darren Brass @darrenbrass 

A featured artist on Miami Ink, Darren Brass is known for his bright and bold colorful designs, and has cited artist Ed Hardy as one of his artistic influences. A firm believer in exposing kids to art at a young age, Brass is also the co-creator of a stylish clothing line called “Ruthless and Toothless” which aims to inspire both kids and parents with its funky apparel.

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2. Federico Ferroni @ferronitattoos  

Federico is from Argentina. He's been around in the industry for 15 years, now working at Love Hate Miami. Influenced by Asian art and culture he's quite a master of oriental motifs. His combination of traditional and moderns designs perfectly fits the body, gracefully following its movements and curves.

3. Jose Cordova @josecordova 

Jose Cordoba is one of Miami Ink’s resident artists. He is a Miami native, and has been working as a tattoo artist for 12 years. He tattoos in a diversity of styles, but an overview of his work reveals beautifully bold pieces with solid linework.

We promise you it's going to be entertaining, so join us for an awesome Friday night! 

What: Mystery Tattoo, hosted by Ami James

When: Fridays at 10PM EST

Where: Facebook Live

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