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Angels of Death and War Pigs: Brutal Metal Tattoos

Angels of Death and War Pigs: Brutal Metal Tattoos

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Bow down to these brutal Metal Tattoos and be awed by their glory.

Metal tattoos show reverence for one of the greatest genres of music: METAL. There are tons of different types of metal, black metal, industrial metal, doom, goth, thrash, and even (although definitely debatable) Christian metal. There is no denying the power this particular musical style has on its audience...the emergence of metal during the late 1960's and into the 70's continues to influence artists and fans today, as these metal tattoos prove. Since we also love the brutal distortion and dark lyrical concepts of metal we figured we'd put together a collection of pieces from fans around the globe who are showin' their love on their skin! 

So, if you're a huge metal fan, like ourselves, and if you haven't seen Until the Light Takes Us yet, then get on it. It shines a spotlight on the infamous Norwegian black metal genre and the main artists, bands, influences, and events that surround the almost mythical, and seriously legendary, music. Fenriz, from Darkthrone, is probably our particular favorite from this film...although you would expect a dude of his nature to be way too cool to be hilariously down to earth, he is. He's also well-spoken, super politically on point, and hella smart. We may have a huge crush on him. Nbd...we wonder how he'd feel about the insanely kick ass Darkthrone chest piece in this collection of metal tattoos...maybe we should give him a call...

If Norwegian black metal isn't exactly your thang, we've also included oldies but goodies like Dio, Alice Cooper, and then ever charming Ozzy Osbourne in this selection of metal tattoos. We even found a super metal cutie pin up lady with a Slayer t-shirt on by Chris Jenko. If she ain't your dream girl, then we don't know what to you have a metal tattoo? If so, hit us up! Send it on over! Get those horns up and celebrate the brutal sounds of METAL.

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