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Anh Wisle: The Mystical Beauty of a Tattooed Traveller

Anh Wisle: The Mystical Beauty of a Tattooed Traveller

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A traveller, learner, model—follow the enigmatic Anh Wisle as she explores tattoos, new lands, and cultures.

French-born photoblogger Anh Wisle is having a wild year. 2016 proved to be a bigger adventure than she imagined it would be in her young life. 

For one, she stepped into the wonderfully chaotic life of married life with tattoo artist Veks Van Hillik, whom she fondly calls her ‘beloved.’ They've been spending their days as husband and wife the way she was used to long before they even met; seeing new places and meeting new people. After all, the young tattooed woman behind Unreal Vietnam was raised in a family with an intense wanderlust.

In October last year, Anh went on what she called a ‘back to roots’ trip with her tattoo artist fiancé in Vietnam, absorbing herself into the culture that reverberated within her veins. In the course of three months, they spent time navigating their way through the cities, lakes, and local elementary schools, interacting with the people they met despite the language barrier, having been brought up with a French tongue.

She and her tattoo artist husband are currently recovering from a magical trip in Romania. There, the newly-weds scoped into pasturelands, street art, and lakes. Plus, Anh got to bring home some gorgeous new dresses. What a way to spend a summer.

Part of what contributes to Anh's charms are her stunning tattoos. Her large back piece was done by none other than Guy Le Tattooer, famous for his large-scale blackwork tattoos. Aside from her back piece, Anh is also known for her impressive sleeves of sacred geometric, oriental, and blackout designs. They frame her laid-back, sensual personality perfectly.

Anh and Veks were wed on the ninth of July this year in an intimate ceremony in the mountains of Biert, a commune in southwestern France. And from the look on their exhilarated faces, it was more than any #goals are worth. I wonder what the next big adventure for Anh will be?

Photos from Anh's beautiful Instagram.

Written byXavier

When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. We're kidding, she's probably asleep. Follow her on Instagram @claudia_strife

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