Animals and Items and Giggles and Whackiness by James Cumberland

Animals and Items and Giggles and Whackiness by James Cumberland

Take a break from your long work day to gaze fondly at these unique animal portraits.

We all love animals. Even if you aren't an animal-lover, per se, the nice neutral territory to discuss, enjoy, trade stories over, and gaze at pics even during the workday is animals. We can all enjoy the odd video of eagles stuck in a sewer grate, or that cute puppy that rocks back and forth and back and forth and back and forth ...

James Cumberland's animals are also worthy of some at-work pic-sharing. They're riffs on classics, and cute in a way that isn't too big-eyed-adorable. He manages to represent the animals themselves in a traditional, realistic way while also adorning them with cute accoutrement or equipping them with funny props.

"Fuck," says polly. We feel ya, polly.

There's just something fun about traditional tattoos of animals with a slightly wink-y nature to them. They can be a "serious" tattoo while also taking glee in how absurd anthropomorphizing our furry friends is. Cumberland's animal tattoos are the inked equivalent of our buddy who can't stop putting his ferret in letterman jackets or our coworker who keeps showing us pictures of their dog in the Halloween Parade.

Hop on over to Cumberland's Instagram to scope the full range of his work. And if you're in the Jacksonville, Florida area, check him out at his home shop, Sunday Tattoo.

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