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‘Animaniacs’ is Back! Celebrate with These Tattoos of Its Characters

‘Animaniacs’ is Back! Celebrate with These Tattoos of Its Characters

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The hit WB show ‘Animaniacs’ is so beloved that innumerable fans have gotten tattoos of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot.

Amblin Television and Warner Bros. Animation just announced they’re bringing back the beloved ‘90s cartoon series Animaniacs. So many of us were devotees of the show as kids that we decided to celebrate the show’s return by chasing down all the tattoo tributes to Yakko, Wakko, and Dot that we could find. It turns out that tons of fans have had the furry, red-nosed “Cartoonus Characteruses” tattooed on their skin, and Hello Nurse, they’ll make your tongue roll out like a red carpet and eyeballs jump right out of their sockets.

For those who are not familiar with the fun-filled antics of the Animaniacs, aka the Warner siblings, they are a trio of orphan creatures that get into all sorts of hijinks. The show was created by Tom Ruegger in the wake of Steven Spielberg's hugely popular Tiny Toon Adventures, which paved the way for other cartoons in the animated renaissance of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Animaniacs was a whopping success, running for 99 episodes and even fetching a full-length movie, Wakko’s Wish.

While Yakko and Dot have been the subjects of numerous tattoos, it’s Wakko, with his Ringo Star-esque voice and lack of pants, who’s proverbially stolen the show, much like he did in the cartoon. The main reason Animaniacs, especially Wakko, resonated with so many people is because it wasn't afraid to confront the uglier aspects of pop culture. The show regularly mocks some of the most revered individuals in human history, lampooning figures like Beethoven, Einstein, and more. It also tackles tough issues like sexism, racism, and other negative forces in society, poking fun at very serious subjects to undermine prejudice at large.

The levity with which it addresses the overwhelming weight of the past and seedy underbelly of American society was a breath of fresh air for those of us about to embark on yet another millennium of struggle, and given the current political atmosphere, Animaniacs couldn’t be returning at a more crucial point in time. Let’s just face it: the world’s going to hell, which makes now as good of a time as any to have a few laughs at history’s expense and shit on Bugs Bunny’s (who was racist by the way) famous catchphrase, “What’s up, doc,” by hitting on a hot nurse.

Here’s to hoping that some of the other awesome shows from WB’s ‘90s lineup remade soon, too. We’d love to see Pinky and Brain or Freakazoid! make a resurgence as well. To see more tattoos inspired by the best cartoons ever made, make sure to his up these tattooists’ Instagram.

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