Animated Neo Traditional Tattoos by Bartosz Panas

Animated Neo Traditional Tattoos by Bartosz Panas

Polish tattoo artist Bartosz Panas is killing it with his colorful neo traditional tattoos.

The work of Panas is a little more animated and bold. 

Tattoo shop Caffeine Tattoo in Warsaw is a home to a talented tattooer Bartosz Panas. His bold neo traditional tattoos have a look of their own and his style is second to none. Focusing on bright neo traditional designs, Panas packs amazing color and character into every single of his designs and each piece is an excepcional tattoo.

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Now while Panas' work is best described as neo traditional, the bright and animated finish he gives to it pushes it into its own bracket. Holding an almost animation like quality, his tattoos definitely stand out... his Stanley Kubrick and Hunter S. Thompson tattoos being a great example of this. If bright colorful tattoos are what you want then Bartosz Panas is your guy!

All images via Instagram.

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