Another Magical Journey Into the Animal Kingdom with Badger Tattoos

Another Magical Journey Into the Animal Kingdom with Badger Tattoos

Badgers? We don’t need no stinkin’ badgers. Uhm, yes, we do!

Welcome to yet another fun edition of Tattoodo’s foray into the animal kingdom. Today we are looking at a super cute mammal that just absolutely melts our hearts, the badger. We hope you’re ready to learn about badgers and check out some killer badger tattoos, because that’s exactly the kind of internet hole you’ve clicked your way into.

These short-legged omnivores are cute as all get out. They are closely related to a bevy of other cute critters, such as otters, polecats, weasels, and wolverines. There are 11 species of badgers spread across North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Why they never made it to South America, we’ll never know.

Badgers live underground in burrows called “setts” that consist of extensive tunnel systems. Some badgers are solitary, where others share their setts with up to 15 other badgers. The badger spends the spring and summer bulking up for a nice long hibernation period in its sett. Their diet consists mostly of earthworms, and they can eat hundreds in single day.

Badgers are insanely popular. We didn’t realize just how much love they get until we started researching this article. Just take a look at Wikipedia’s list of fictional badgers. There’s so many of them – way more than we thought possible. But it makes sense to us. They’re as cute as raccoons, but don’t have the stigma of being trash eaters. Hell, the badger is even the state animal of Wisconsin, which is one of the better states.

Unlike a lot of the animals we’ve written about lately, badgers aren’t in danger of going extinct anytime soon. These guys have found their niche in the animal kingdom, and amazingly humans haven’t fucked it up for them yet. Though, to be sure, humans have been known to fuck with badgers – an ill-advised move if you ask us. Badger baiting, basically allowing dogs to fight badgers for entertainment purposes, was a popular activity for many centuries. Thankfully, it’s illegal these days, so you have to tread through some of the seediest corners of the underworld to get your badger baiting fix these days.

Are you positively hyped on badgers yet? If not, these amazing badger tattoos should be enough to push you over the edge. So, check them out and appreciate one of the cutest animals to ever roam the earth.

Don’t these badger tattoos just make you want a pet badger. It’s probably a bad idea just for the fact that they smell awful. But it’s doable! President Theodore Roosevelt kept a pet badger named Josiah in the White House (which was thrown at him by a little girl during a whistlestop in Kansas).

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