Anrijs Straume's Distinctive Blackwork Lettering Tattoos

Anrijs Straume's Distinctive Blackwork Lettering Tattoos

The Latvian-born artist puts his dark trash spin on lettering tattoos.

Anrijs Straume is known for his dark trash tattooing style, but his lettering tattoos are just as impressive.

If you saw our recent post about Monami Frost's back tattoo transformation, then you would know that Straume is Frost's husband and responsible for that incredible tattoo. The lettering of 'Utopian Spirit' inspired me to check out more of Straume's lettering tattoos.

As with his dark black and grey portrait tattoos, Straume puts his own distinctive spin on lettering. He manages to take simple words and make them works of art. The almost cross-hatch type of shading is combined with intricate filigree outlining elements. You'll also see in the tattoos below that there's a graffiti feel to his lettering. 

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Even if you just want a word or quote tattoo, an artist like Anrijs Straume can create something special. 

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