Anthropomorphic Banana Tattoos Are Super A-Peel-ing

Anthropomorphic Banana Tattoos Are Super A-Peel-ing

If you’re short on potassium or smiles, check out these bananas banana tattoos

There is very little in this world that can be considered universal. Only our most base feelings and general physical makeup are found in almost every human being around the world. The only other thing that anthropologists agree on as being universally human are the special set of positive emotional reactions that can only be brought about by anthropomorphic bananas. There is not a single person in the world from the high-rise office buildings of Manhattan to the savannas of Africa that does not respond positively to imagery of bananas with arms, legs, and faces. Today we’re celebrating this amazing facet of what it means to be human with anthropomorphic banana tattoos.

Us humans are a lonely bunch, what with being the only living thing on the planet with such a high level of consciousness. Our psychology is full of interesting tendencies that are uniquely human. One of the many innate characteristics of our psychological make up is our penchant for ascribing human emotions and traits to non-human entities in a process known as anthropomorphism. This dates back to our earliest days when cavemen would project their emotions onto mankind’s first pets.

It wasn’t until around 5000 BC that bananas really came into the picture. The natives of Papua New Guinea were the first to cultivate bananas, and we’d bet you dollars to donuts that they were the first to anthropomorphize them.

Just take some twigs and jam them into the right parts of a banana, cut a face on it, and you’ve got yourself an anthropomorphic banana. Surely this would have crossed someone’s mind back then, and ever since, the world has been enjoying anthropomorphic bananas.

And if you don’t believe us about these bananas abilities to touch us on the most human of levels, just sit down and watch an episode of Bananas in Pajamas and prove yourselves wrong. If that's not your style, there's always the famous Don Hertzfeldt short Rejected. Or just take a trip down internet memory lane with and revisit Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

We’ve collected some of the best anthropomorphic banana tattoos we could find in an attempt to put you in touch with a key part of the human experience that has been enjoyed for hundreds of centuries. So, sit back and get primal with these tattoos. Of bananas. That are anthropomorphic.

Didn’t those anthropomorphic banana tattoos put a huge grin on your face? It’s because you’re a human being. We hope you feel more connected to your fellow man through the reaction elicited by these tattoos.

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