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Antony Flemming's Neo-Traditional Creatures

Antony Flemming's Neo-Traditional Creatures

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

The only word that comes to mind while looking at these neo-traditional tattoos is "glorious."

An illustrator myself, I'm always taking 2-3 seconds longer than the average human staring at a piece of art. My brain wants to dissect every single aspect of an artist's work, to further understand how that artist works, and admire the way line and color can interact. Antony Flemming's neo-traditional work is just out of this world. Not one line or color-lay is wasted on these breathtaking pieces.

Check out how he uses both black lines as well as color to create depth in the petals of those flowers. The pearls also appear to be simply gleaming.

Check out more of  Antony Flemming work on his Tattoodo profile and Instagram. And contact him through the shop World of Tattoos

Hateful Kate
Written byHateful Kate

Tiny illustrator and artist rocking out in Red Hook, BK.

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