Apparently Women Find Men With Tattoos Less Attractive — Ouch!

Apparently Women Find Men With Tattoos Less Attractive — Ouch!

This is all coming from a Polish study that polled women about men with tattoos.

A little over a month ago, I wrote a piece that claimed that scientists have discovered that women find men with tattoos attractive.

Well, today I'm here to tell you, that theory apparently doesn't ring true (for women in Poland, at least). 

A scientific study was conducted that involved men and women being asked a few questions about pictures of shirtless men (hubba hubba). One of the pictures of the men showed that they had no tattoos, and the other picture showed the man with a digitally modified tattoo on his skin. HEre are examples of the photos. 

Men in the study found the guy with the tattoo on his arm to be healthier, and more attractive. This would seem to imply that they believe women find tattoos more attractive than having no tattoos at all.

That wasn't the case for these women. While they did believe the man with the tattoo was seen as more healthy, they rated the tattooed image as less desirable than the man without the tattoo. They saw them as worse prospects for potential lovers.

Why? Some researchers believe that having tattoos is seen as more masculine and authoritative, which could relate to more domestic abuse and extramarital affairs. The women labeled the tattooed men as more aggressive, dominant, and masculine, which isn't a trait the women in the survey found to be a positive. 

Cool dudes with tats holding a mason jar! Photo via Pixabay #jar #masonjar #tattooedguy

The study came to the conclusion that, "The dark side of testosterone-related features perfectly explains why women assessed tattooed men as worse potential partners and parents."


Honestly, I don't know what to believe anymore. Every month there's a new scientific study involving tattoos that says that people with tattoos are sexy and then the next month there is a new study that says people with tattoos aren't sexy. Who knows what to believe anymore?

It's hard to nail these subjective tastes down to an exact science, we can only play with probabilities. The good news is this — if you have tattoos, there is science out there that says you're more attractive than men without tattoos. Also, if you don't have tattoos, there is science out there that says that you are more attractive than men with tattoos. So, everyone is a winner! We are all attractive/unattractive!

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A sexy tattooed man. #Tattooedman #man

What do you think of all of this, dear reader? I think there will be an obvious tilt for the pro-tattoo side on this site, but you never know. Are these studies just a bunch of bullshit, or do you think there is some merit to the arguments presented here?

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