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Are Tiger Woods Tattoos a Thing? We're Too Wasted to Remember.

Are Tiger Woods Tattoos a Thing? We're Too Wasted to Remember.

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Get ripshit wasted and get a tattoo to honor your love of golf, or infidelity, or tigers, or the woods. Whatever. Just don't drive.

Tiger's back in the news. As is par for the course, that's not a good thing. 

We're surprised that the greatest golfer of all time doesn't have more sick ink tributes, but we're also kind of happy about it.

Woods broke more records than any other golfer to ever live. Woods was the highest paid athlete in the world, a man who was once named "Athlete of the Decade" by Sports Illustrated, a man who was the first athlete to earn over one billion dollars in his career.

This is a man that accomplished incredible things in the sports world but also made a mind-boggling amount of extramarital hole in one's – a series of discretions that tanked his endorsement deals. In fact, analysts estimate that his dirty dicking may have cost shareholders more than 12 billion fucking dollars. That was some expensive sexual misconduct, Mr. Woods. 

Anyway, if you have a Tiger Woods tattoo, please send it in to Until we update the article with some sick new ink, here are some tiger tattoos. 

Written byTattoodo

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