Ariel Winter Just Let Us in on the Meaning of All of Her Tattoos

Ariel Winter Just Let Us in on the Meaning of All of Her Tattoos

Ariel Winter is coming. Heh. Get it? Anyway, she's got tattoos and she revealed the meaning of ALL of them. Dope.

Eighteen-year-old actress and all-around dreamboat, Ariel Winter is a big fan of getting tattoos. She's got five in all, but she will most likely be getting more in the future, since we all know tattoos are quite an addictive vice.

Winter recently gave ET the meaning behind all of her tattoos. Which is very nice.

Ariel Winter's hip tattoo. #ArielWinter #Celebrities #Quote #Rumi

The Modern Family star has a tattoo on her right hip that reads, "Love risks everything and asks for nothing" in Greek. This tattoo is pretty self-explanatory and it's a quote from the poet, Rumi.

On her back, Winter has a tattoo of a tiger. Here's why she got the tattoo, "I have a tiger on my back because I've always felt like I've been a protector for other people, and I've always had these amazing protectors in my life."

Ariel Winter's tiger tattoo. #ArielWinter #Celebrities #Tiger

On her left rib, Winter has the initials of all of her nieces and nephews. "They are my inspiration, and my reason for living. Love these babies more than anything and proud to have their initials forever on my body," she said on Instagram.

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Ariel Winter's side tattoo dedicated to her nieces and nephews. #ArielWinter #Celebrities #Initials

On her wrist, Winter got a tattoo of a spade which is dedicated to her grandmother, who taught her how to play cards. "It's my favorite thing to do. I've been playing poker since I was six years old — my grandmother actually taught me when I was young — so I have a spade for her."

She also has tattoo on her arm, dedicated to her sister. "This is October 3rd, 2012, which is the day I moved in with my sister, and it kind of started a new chapter in life for me, so it was really important."

Pretty rad to have so many meaningful tattoos. Winter is a great actress and vocal supporter of many causes, including body positivity. After dealing with such hardships in her life, including a brutal custody battle with her mother, it's great to see genuine positivity come from a person who has had to endure so much.

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