Art & Honor Tattoo in Jackson, Tennessee Helping Fire Victims

Art & Honor Tattoo in Jackson, Tennessee Helping Fire Victims

After a massive fire destroyed the town of Gatlinburg, TN, Huron Hall, the CEO of a local tattoo shop, decided to pitch in and help.

Wildfires have been spreading across Gatlinburg, Tennessee over the last few days and despite firefighters' best efforts, the flames have ravaged the city. Houses have burned down, massive property loss has occurred, and lives have been lost. It's a horrific story that is continuing as of this writing.

The wildfires have torn through over 15,000 acres of land, leaving a path of destruction through eastern Tennessee. Over 700 buildings incurred damages, and numerous people have been left injured.

When the CEO of Art & Honor Tattoos, Huron Hall, found out about these wildfires, he took the necessary steps to help.

After posting his intentions to help the victims of Gatlinburg on Facebook, Hall had his message shared hundreds of times and soon had truckloads of donations being sent his way. The plan has led to donations of pet food, diapers, baby wipes, water and Gatorade, and a multitude of other essential items.

"We were just trying to get a few items to take there, and it ended up with Josh Grant getting on board and getting a big trailer," Hall told The Jackson Sun. "Now it's out of everyone's control."

Now the tattooist is sending five to six trailers full of donated goods to the victims. "Sometimes things just take off and people really want to help," he said. "I think a lot of people really wanted to help, and they didn't know how."

Huron Hall has been helping the donation of essential good to the victims of the Gatlinburg fires. #HuronHall #Donation #Helping #GatlinburgFire

Hall knew how to help these people and he's making the world a better place with his heroic actions. And he isn't planning on stopping any time soon.

"We're not turning down anything, if we've got the trucks and trailers, then we can load them down."

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